My aims with this blog are to promote a historical materialist–that is, Marxist and Trotskyist–understanding of some domestic and international events. As to who I am, I was a Russian translator for many years.  I helped translate writings of Leon Trotsky for the Pathfinder Press Writings of Leon Trotsky series and for other Pathfinder publications.  I translated Notebooks for the Grandchildren, the memoirs of a Ukrainian Trotskyist who survived the Stalin era. Articles I have written appeared in The Militant, Bulletin in Defense of Marxism, and Socialist Action over the past decades. Some articles of mine were included in The USSR: 1987-1991: Marxists Perspectives, which I edited. I was a teacher in the New York public school system for 26 years, teaching economics and foreign policy to high school seniors. I am including some music, also, from time to time just because…. By the way, the haunting photo on my Homepage was taken by artist and photographer Erika Vogt, who is my daughter.

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